Jewelry Cleaning and Care

You want your jewelry to remain beautiful for many years to come. Routine cleaning and regular inspections by your jeweler can help you keep your jewelry looking brand new.

For Regular At-Home Cleanings We Suggest:

Fine Jewelry Cleaner – This is safe to use on some semi-precious gemstones like peridot, topaz, tourmaline, garnet and cubic zirconia as well as diamonds and sapphires. This is to also clean your precious metals(gold, platinum, palladium) as well as most contemporary metals like titanium and stainless steel.

Gentle Jewelry Cleaner – We suggest cleaning your stones like aquamarine, emerald, coral, opals, turquoise and tanzanite in this gentle cleaner. These stones are sensitive to chemicals and may be harmed if not cleaned correctly. You may also clean your sterling silver in this solution.

Silver Jewelry Cleaner – This cleaner is for really getting your sterling silver jewelry shining again. We do not recommend using this on any silver jewelry that contains stones or an antique finish.

Polishing Cloth – You can use this cloth for a quick smudge remover on every item of jewelry you own. It can even shine up your stainless steel watches! Use it alone or after any of our liquid cleaners for a fresh from the jewelers shine.

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