Insurance Replacement Services

Protect Your Jewelry Investments.

Raleigh Diamond is here to help. We have been a leading jewelry insurance replacement service in North Carolina for nearly a decade. We have worked with many of the largest homeowner insurance companies in the United States. Companies like State Farm, Allstate, and others have benefited from our expert jewelry repair work and our diamond and gemstone replacement services. In many cases, we can even recreate your lost, stolen or damaged item using CAD and custom design.

Raleigh Diamond recommends Jewelers Mutual for insuring jewelry, but your homeowner’s insurance policy may offer options as well. There are different terms used by insurance companies for this type of coverage, Terms such as “jewelry rider” or a “scheduled item” are used frequently. To obtain jewelry insurance, your item(s) must be appraised and the appraisal be submitted to the insurance company. Raleigh Diamond is happy to offer our jewelry appraisal service for any jewelry appraisals needed. Once we complete your jewelry appraisal and you have submitted it to the insurer of your choice, peace of mind is sure to follow.

Raleigh Diamond can even help you submit your insurance application electronically to Jeweler’s Mutual in our jewelry store with our Jeweler’s Mutual jewelry insurance kiosk. We make the jewelry replacement process easy.

Three Simple Steps To Filing A Claim

1. Contact your insurance company or sales agent and report the loss or damage.

2. An insurance adjuster will contact you to arrange replacement or repair. You may ask that Raleigh Diamond perform the work. It is your choice.

3. You bring the item to Raleigh Diamond. We do the repair or replacement work, typically in just 7 to 10 business days. We will bill the insurance company directly. Or they may send a check directly to you to pay for the repair or replacement.

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