Our GIA Graduate Jeweler Gemologists and GIA Diamond Graduates perform insurance appraisals on site. In many cases, same day service is available.


Be protected in the event of a loss or claim. A recent, well-written jewelry appraisal is an excellent investment and can pay for itself tenfold in the event of a accidental loss, theft or damage. An appraisal can help to protect your jewelry items in the event of

Theft, Misplacement, Fire
Accidental Damage, Reports for Repair or Replacement
Division of Assets, Property Settlement
Estate Planning
Trust Formation, Estate Planning, Division of Jewelry Between Heirs
Buy / Sell Prices
If you purchased an item, we will appraise it to be sure it is as described.We can let you know if the price you paid was fair.If you want to sell an item, an appraisal can help establish a selling price.

Most insurance companies require jewelry appraisals to be updated (re-written) every two to three years to keep valuations current with market prices. Some insurance companies will not honor loss claims on jewelry without a recent appraisal written by a qualified jewelry appraiser.

Raleigh Diamond's employees have been educated at the Gemological Institute of America, the world's most respected gemological laboratory. Our GIA Graduate Gemologists and Diamond Graduates are always on hand and happy to help you with your appraisal needs.

Our appraisals feature accurate, objective information and multiple, high resolution photographs. Appraisal prices typically begin at $149.00. Same day service is available in most cases. We offer additional discounts if you have 10 or more pieces. Please contact us for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the item have to be left with your company? Can my item be appraised while I wait?

You may choose to have a rush on your appraisal and have it done while you wait. We do have a $25.00 rush fee. Otherwise, your item will typically be ready the very next day.

In the past, I have heard stories of disreputable jewelry stores switching out diamonds. How do I know the diamond I drop off will be the same one I get back?

As a rule we recommend only dealing with companies who have a great reputation for doing jewelry appraisals. To protect all parties, we have a thorough drop-off process. We take in an appraisal or repair, the diamond is tested for genuineness. One of our GIA Diamond Graduates will create a diamond "plot" which is a diagram showing all the natural characteristics of the diamond (as seen below). We then invite the customer to look under the microscope to verify and sign the plot. For your peace of mind, we leave no room for errors or potential misunderstandings.

Is it necessary for me to bring any paperwork with me for my appraisal?

Yes, if you have a laboratory grading certification from GIA, AGS, EGL or any other laboratory or an old appraisal, sales receipts, or other documents which describe the property, bring them along. Your original documents not only help insure a more accurate appraisal, they also earn you 10% off the price of your appraisal.

Do I need an appointment?

No. If you are dropping your item off, you do not need an appointment. However, if you need same day rush service, or care to wait while your item is being appraised, please call ahead as an appointment will be necessary and a $49.00 rush fee will apply.

Do you appraise Fine Watches, Coins, Sterling Flatware sets or other items?

Yes, we perform appraisals on these items and produce the same professional results. We have numismatists (coin experts) and watch experts on staff.

Will your company offer to buy my items at the appraised price?

No. An appraisal represents a high retail replacement value of your item. The appraisal value is a generous estimate of what the item would sell for brand new, in a retail environment. As a jewelry store, we purchase brand new jewelry from wholesalers at competitive wholesale prices. If the item doesn’t sell in our store, we can simply return it to the wholesaler for credit or refund. When we purchase an item from the public, the item is not brand new and cannot be returned to the seller. It will need refurbishment and/or other repairs. In addition, we probably do not have a customer waiting to buy that specific item. For these reasons, when we purchase from the public, in order to make a profit, we must make offers that are below wholesale prices. We might be interested in buying your item and we can be trusted to make fair generous offers. Many consider us to be one of Raleigh’s most trusted jewelry buyers. Our entire jewelry buying staff attended the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

Please feel free to contact us directly with any questions you may have: (919) 725-3444.

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